Eurovision Seafood Competition

16 May 2022

Those lucky enough to have travelled the Mediterranean for summer fun will no doubt at some point have sampled what the southern med countries do best - a delicious seafood lunch washed down by a crisp cold glass of white wine, well maybe a few more than that. So got me thinking - where is the best place for a seafood lunch, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Malta or elsewhere?

Having just returned from a quick trip to Corfu last week and with the taste of Fried Calamari, Grilled Octopus, Prawns and Seabass accompanied by a fresh Greek Salad still with me, my instant response is Greece has to be the winner. But hold on its been a while since I was in Spain and you cannot beat a good plate of Tapas Gambas or Calamari cooked in its own black ink and then I think of holidays spent in Turkey actually catching the fish from the deck of a Gulet and having the crew cook it immediately. Then there's Malta where I've eaten the best Tuna ever and Portugal where the Cataplana is just delicious.

In truth they are all bloody brilliant and a seafood lunch has to be one of the highlights of any holiday, but for me, I think it has to be Greece. I've been lucky enough to visit many islands but a seafood lunch in one of the many brilliant fish tavernas on the north east coast of Corfu is as good as it gets. If there was Eurovision Seafood Contest, then Greece would & should probably win.