Taste the difference

14 June 2019

Mediterranean food is considered some of the best in the world and all too often completely over looked when on holiday, with many sticking to eating what they normally do back home. So if you are on holiday now or planning a trip soon then we urge you to try some of the local delights. 

Aside from the fact of enjoying some great new tastes it will also come with great money saving benefits. Eating out in local non touristy establishments will often be priced for the locals and not hiked up Tourist prices.

The simple trick to finding these places, aside from asking, is to step away from the main tourist strip and venture slightly further afield. Often you will find the best places in the back streets of the old towns. Look out for which places look full of locals. If they think the food is good, then that is a pretty good sign. When ordering, be adventurous. If you are not sure what you are ordering then don’t be afraid to ask. Plus you can make it into a fun game with the kids.

Spanish Delights

Top things to try while on Holiday in Spain has to be Fresh Tapas, the local seafood and of course a Fresh Paella.

Dining in Greece

Moussaka is probably the most famous but have a look out for the following, Gyros, Greek salad, Taramasalata, Kebabs, Sofrito, Stiffado