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Chat at anytime directly with one of our In Resort HangOut Reps and ask for Recommendations, Local Advice and Holiday tips to make your stay in resort even more enjoyable.

We Have A Rep For That!

We are creating the world's largest network of Resort Representatives to continually provide up to date and relevant information to travellers before, during and after their holiday.

By joining the Hangout Reps Network, you will become an ambassador for your area. Ideally you will have an established knowledge of your local area and a great network of resort businesses.

"A Hangout Resort Rep is a lifestyle supported by a
great family."

Become a Hangout Representative

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Promote Your Resort

Unlimited Earning Potential

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Full Training & Support

You will never be alone as a Hangout Resort Rep. Our experienced team will be by your side every step of the way. We will guide you through the full set up of your Resort and supply you with all the necessary and relevant marcoms materials you will need to ensure your local success.

Once you have your Resort set up and running, we will then be on hand to offer further assistance in dealing with each aspect of the role and life.

You will have full access to our company intranet to share ideas with the rest of the team, take part in virtual get togethers, Live chat with the support team and download required material at any time.

Unlimited Earnings Potential

To date, the Travel Industry has concentrated its Revenue Generation streams on getting Travellers to Resorts. Our focus is on what we can offer the Traveller when they’re in their Resort. We are offering new revenue streams for our Hangout Reps that will generate significant incomes for those who wish to be our local ambassadors.

Anything generated in your Resort from Excursion Sales to vendor up-sales will pay you a commission. The more you promote the service the more you will earn.

Work from Anywhere

The Hangout Platform is a digital service. Once your resort is set up and you have all the businesses listed, your role will be predominantly virtual. You will receive all communication from travellers, agents and vendors directly to your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Don’t think for one second that you’ll be all on your own as you’ll soon be in hot demand as our ‘ambassador’. The great thing about being the Hangout Resort Rep for your area is that you will quickly become the person that everyone wants at their Event, Bar Restaurant or Excursion. For larger resorts we will be recruiting more than one Rep for the area as well.

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