The only constant thing in life is change

22 June 2019

One of our early adopters, Alex Bush of Olympic Holidays,  wrote a great piece on their facebook page that i think perfectly sums up what we do and the benefits it brings in this day and age of tourism.

"The only constant thing in life is change, if you don't accept it, embrace it, and change with it, you'll simply be left behind. From someone that is still working for a tour operator in the overseas travel industry after 22 years, me and my resort team have been using the 'Hang out on Holiday' app in resort for the last couple of months. This, although for some (like me at first) may be hard to accept, is the future direction of resort repping, with, let's start for example the likes of Information folders / resort magazines, and expensive bulky printed welcome packs all now gone where guests can now read online poolside, on thier balconys, or even in beach bars via thier phones and tablets what they used to sit and read in big clunky folders in receptions or in welcome meetings. With welcome meeting turnout being almost non existent nowadays, why would people drag themselves away from the pool or beach when ninety percent of what you are going to tell them they can find out online from thier sunbed. Excursions are now sold using online images and videos with links to websites and Facebook pages. Guests don't have to wait hours on end for a small half hour window for a rep to visit to find out local information when they have a resort expert on instant live chat, thus also saving the reps tearing round numerous hotels each day dealing with small minor queries and issues. Bus timetables, weather, special local events, car hire offers, local doctors information, best restaurants and bars, top places to visit and means to get there, even transfer pick up times are now all available all at a simple swipe on one handy platform. Guests can take and upload photos of issues such as broken showers, dirty rooms, ant Infestation problems etc then can be uploaded and sent to the rep, that can instantly be sent on to hotel managers to be quickly actioned without the rep even stepping foot in the hotel, who may well be located over an hour's drive away. But tour operators aside, with apps like these over time each resort will amass a team of resort experts, expats and locals who live in each resort for example who will be able to advise you of best places to go etc, the insiders who will happily share thier wealth of knowledge, so even if you've booked your holiday independently, you can still have the full knowledge of a local expert via your phone and on live chat. Yes, so apps like this may take out a certain human contact element, but it makes the industry massively more efficient and streamlined, where with more holidays nowadays being booked online than in travel agents, these apps and online services are simply just carrying those online platforms on to the next part of the guests holiday journey to ensure guests spend more time in the sun....... and less time hanging around receptions waiting for reps........."