Dinosaurs spotted outside of Benidorm!!!!

19 August 2019

We had a great impromptu weekend! Being so hot these last couple of days we wanted to do something to escape the humidity and hot sun and also make some family memories, so on Saturday morning we decided to get in the car with our 3 and a half year old daughter and head to Algar.

It is a quaint little village not too far from Albir (about 30 min drive), surrounded by beautiful mountain views and also very important, fresh air! A vibrant little place and also, on a Saturday very busy. Smiling faces walking up and down the streets, restaurant and bar terraces full of families, kids laughing and having fun by the pool in 1 of the restaurants, an amazing summer vibe!!

We drove all the way up through the village to get to DinoPark. The signs were a bit confusing and we were joking about this but they got us there no problem.

To my surprise it is a big dinosaur themed park. I don’t know who was more exited, me or my daughter! You can take a picnic if you like as they have many designated areas to sit and enjoy family time shaded by beautiful species of trees as it is also a botanical cactus park. Or if you prefer it you can get your lunch there, from the parks cafe where they have a good selection of meals for kids and adults.

There is lots to explore, the small alleys almost form a maze through the history of our planet! Life-size robotic models of dinosaurs with sounds and movements made the experience very real and almost transporting you in the mesozoic era, the Dinosaur Era! As you walk down through the alleys exploring, you can find the “Journey to Earth’s Past” with actual artefacts from ancient times, a “Paleontological Playground” where the kids can make sand castles or discover the skeleton of a prehistoric creature hidden deep in the sand; there is also a small kids pool where parents and kids can cool off and splash, my daughters favourite part of the park, The DinoPool as we called it! So remember to take your swimming suits with you. The turtle fountain is nearby as is the cafe and 3D Cinema which shows a short film for kids every 30 min.

We were pleasantly surprised by everything the park offered and our plan to escape the hot sun and spend some well deserved family time was a success. And that’s where we ended up spending most of our day, lost in time, co-living with the baby dinosaurs and their dinosaur mummies and daddies :)

Top Tips:

Keep in mind that the DinoPark is a tourist attraction and so you will have to pay “tourist prices” for food and drinks in the park. So if you don’t want to spend too much take drinks and a picnic with you as they have many designated areas for you to relax or even better book the trip with the BBQ and Drinks included.

Remember to take swimming suits and sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes.

And last but not least take lots of photos, make lots of memories that last a lifetime and enjoy the laughs and the sun!!

You can buy tickets for the DinoPark via the Hangout on Holiday website or App.  https://www.hangoutonholiday.com/trips/902-jurassic-adventure-with-bbq-transport-from-albir-benidorm

 Written by Ioana Lupu,  Mum and HangOut On Holiday Rep.