Holiday like a local

14 June 2019

We are now in the day and age where due to the multitude of new online directories, information and social media, it is so easy to find information about the destination you are travelling to.

For years when travelling abroad you have been at the mercy of a tour operators to look to, to advise you on what you can when in resort.

So how can you really Holiday Like a Local?

Most of the resorts you travel to now will have a good local Expat community, so this is a great resource for information.  Find the social media groups local to the area and ask their opinion.  Often you will be directed to the hidden gems off the beaten track that the locals all know.

Get friendly with your receptionist, but point out, you want to know the what they do on their day off. Where is best to eat, where are the hidden beaches that tourists don’t know about and what are the local towns like.  Once they open up and forget about the normal responses they will be a wealth of knowledge.

Ask on the Hangout on Holiday APP.  The Resort Chat will offer a wealth of knowledge from others in resort, as well as directly chatting with one of our local reps.

Enjoying a Fiesta

The fiestas throughout the mediterranean are often some of the best ways of experiencing local life.  It’s generally a time where the locals can really let loose and enjoy traditions that have often been going on for many years.

Top tip is to get involved but with a sense of caution.  Remember, the Health and Safety rules and regulations that you might have been familiar with in the UK generally do not apply abroad.  I mean can you really imagine being in your local high street in the UK and suddenly find a group of bulls running through the street, with your neighbours running in front of them.  It wouldn’t happen however it is a common fiesta event in Spain.  So the trick is if there is a local fiesta going on, ask someone local what actually is happening and which parts of it you should go to.