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Cosi Come Sei

Cosi Come Sei is the perfect place to go if you want the taste of some authentic Mediterranean and Italian food. The Restaurant has a lovely chilled out atmosphere and is great if you went a calm and relaxed evening, because of it's high ratings it often means that the restaurant is full so to make life easier you may choose to book a table to get some of the best seats or you could go down early to guarantee yourselves a seat. The restaurant uses lots of fresh ingredients and the food is packed with flavour so the taste is amazing and definitely worth a trip, the service is also great, the waiters and waitresses are very helpful and will guide you through the menu to find the best choice for you.

 35130 Puerto Rico, Las Palmas, Spain

Contact info

Website: restaurantecosicomesei.com/

Phone: 34 928 56 23 22

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cos%C3%AD-Come-Sei/323079414386704

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