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Singapore is a great destination for those looking for a vibrant and culturally rich holiday experience.  This destination is home to over 300 attractions which includes the National orchid gardens, Dolphin Island and the beautiful Marina Bays. Perfect for anyone seeking an adventure as it boasts a wealth of activities to keep you entertained throughout the entirety of your break.        

Also the scenic City has an array of Pubs and Clubs in very attractive locations so it is easy to submerse yourself into the nightlife.  But before heading out to the pubs and clubs it would be a shame to not take full advantage of their shopping facilities- the famous Orchard Road is just one of many places that holds host to huge shopping malls that will certainly take you by surprise.  

And of course, if you’re a fan of Asian cuisine then this is the perfect place to explore new palettes, with offerings of great Thai, Japanese and Chinese food- you will be spoiled for choice. 

Singapore upholds high levels of cleanliness so certain things like Chewing Gum and Littering are forbidden/illegal, but do not let this put you off as this just adds to the charm that this beautiful Island-Country has to offer.

Hard Rock Hotel- Singapore
Hard Rock Hotel- Singapore
Orchard Gateway

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