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The city of Sibiu is one of the most important cities in Transylvania with a remarkable economic development potential, being also advantaged by its positioning on a traffic knot on the fourth Pan European Corridor and enjoying the benefits of an International Airport.
The city is situated at 45°47' Nordic latitude and 24°05' eastern longitude. The altitude compared to the level of the sea varies between 415 meters in the Lower Town and 431 meters in the Upper Town. The city is situated in the temperate continental area, with temperature influences from the nearby mountains. The climate is thus temperate continental with no excesses. The annual average of precipitations is of 662 mm with the lowest values in the month of February (26.7 mm) and the maximum values in June (113 mm).
The average annual temperature is of 8.9 Celsius degrees.
With 155000 permanent inhabitants and 25000 temporary inhabitants, mainly students, Sibiu is the largest city in the county and one of the most important ones in Transylvania.
The local community includes various ethnic groups. The great majority of the population is represented by Romanians (94%) who coexist with Germans, descendants of the Saxon colonists who emigrated in the 17th century from the region where Luxemburg is situated today. Hungarians, Roma and a very small Jewish community also coexist here, all of them contributing to the city life with their specific cultural influences.
The same diversity also characterizes the religious life. Together with the Orthodox community, Reformed, Roman-Catholics and Greek Catholics live and practice their faith in Sibiu.
The social structure of the city is based on the historical existence and multicultural life experience, the diversity of its inhabitants belonging to various ethnic groups, generations and life styles rendering the city a special aura..

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Caru' cu Bere, a true living legend and one of the oldest breweries of Bucharest, was opened for the first time in 1879 in the old inn of Zlatari

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