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Opening hours:

tues-thurs 12 - 2300 Fri-Sat 12-0130

Taberna Acor

If you're looking for a simple but nice Tapas / Cheese / Wine Place serving great local beers then we suggest you pop in. Evenings get very busy but its worth waiting for.

 R. dos Mercadores 41, 9500-150 Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Contact info

Phone: +351 296 629 084

E-mail: [email protected]

Latest Reviews

Rachel Briggs
Rachel Briggs
07 October 2017, 00:23
I love a bit of sausage and this place didn?t disappoint. Great cheese wine and excellent service - I will be back thanks
David Henderson
David Henderson
07 October 2017, 00:18
A great little find tucked away in the old town. Any connoisseurs of local cheese and sausage selections will relish in this place. Great house wine and the staff are highly knowledgeable and with a fab sense of fun. Highly recommend a visit