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Our top Tangier fact is the legendary movie Casablanca starring the legend that is Humphrey Bogart was shot in Tangiers, and included  some of the most immortal classic movie lines of all time - "Here's looking at you kid" - Ricks Cafe - is it still there?

Tangier/s up to you with or without the s is one of those bustling vibrant cities that seem to be stuck in time. Its the gateway to Morocco from the Mediterranean and is an amazing place. There's plenty of exploring to do here both in and outside the city, vast beaches, the busy souk area, haggle, haggle haggle and a great nightlife scene. Lots of bars, restaurants and clubs. The locals are amazingly friendly,  it's just a shame their cousins in other Arabic areas put many off travelling here and other north African countries.

During WW2 - Tangiers was a favourite place for spies to hang out and well spy, on each other


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