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Mdina is not a resort but an ancient and famous walled city situated inland and probably one of the most visited landmarks on the island. It should be on your bucket list and this is why we have listed it. So for the history buffs, are you sitting comfortably - then here goes. 

The history traces back more than 4,000 years and according to tradition it was here that apostle St. Paul lived in 60AD after being shipwrecked. It is also thought he lived inside the grotto known as Fuori le Mura, now known as the very original - St. Paul's Grotto, in Rabat.Mdina is an amazing place to visit, especially at night when it is illuminated by lamps it retains a special silent atmosphere. Over the years it has had different names but the best description is probably from the medieval name, Citta Notabile, The Noble City. It is and has been home to Maltese Nobility many of whom are decendents from the Norman, Sicilian and Spanish regimes who made Mdina their home over the years. Not showing off but Mdina is widely regarded as being one of the finest examples of an ancient walled city in Europe rich in medieval and baroque architecture.

Nearby Rabat (not the one in Morocco) - is home to the famous St. Paul's catacombs where for many centuries, religious orders have established themselves. Well worth a visit they too are steeped in history.

Entrance-to-mdina - (Image by www.viewingmalta.com)
Mdina - (Image by www.viewingmalta.com)
Mdina Aerial View - (Image by www.viewingmalta.com)
Mdina - (Image by www.viewingmalta.com)

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