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Heraklion to many folk is the airport they fly into to get to Crete. It's a bit more - its also the capital of Crete and is a bustling port town busy with day trip cruise during the summer months. As you'd expect from a  capital, its very busy, we wouldn't recommend driving around here - take a cab. There are many, bars, restaurants, shops, clubs and sites to see ih Heraklion.

View of the port of Heraklion
the castle

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Talos Plaza

Monday - Saturaday from 09:00 a.m. - 21:00 p.m.
Talos Plaza is most definitely the best place for shopping in Heraklion. It’s very popular with the younger crowd as it offers all in one: cinemas,

Koules Fortress

No available opening hours.
The Koules fortress located at the entrance of the old port of Heraklion, Crete. It was built by the Republic of Venice in the early 16th century, and

Swing Thing Cocktail Expresso Bar

No available opening hours.
Swing Thing Cocktail Expresso Bar is in the heart of Heraklion just down from Lion Square, it’s very popular as it has a great range of music, very

Outopia Café

08:00 - 01:00
Visiting Outopia café is simply a must when in Heraklion, as it’s promised to be a dining experience you will never forget! It is perfect for break

No events to show for this month.

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