Got a business in resort, a bar, club, restaurant, hotel, villa, water-sports club, excursion or attraction or service? Promote your business to potential customers BEFORE they leave home - its a quick process and once you are listed you can add, edit content, upload images, broadcast news and generate discount vouchers.


Thousands of our members are coming to your resort this year, publish your business on our site and have a better chance of reaching your audience before they even leave home. You are in complete control of all your content and you can update and edit as often as you like.




Simply complete the form to Become a Vendor and follow the instructions and payment process (where applicable) and once approved you can create your profile for your business. It's quick and easy.


  • As a Vendor you can easily promote your business using our technology in a number of ways.
  • You can create your own unique pages in your Resort page with details of your business or service.
  • Upload your daily or weekly news.
  • Add multiple images as often as you like.
  • Create multiple events in your own personalised calendar.
  • Generate unique discount vouchers that can be scanned via unique QR codes
  • Respond to reviews, good or bad.
  • Incorporate your Twitter Feed and Facebook profiles
  • Stay online and answer questions via live chat


How Much?


Its currently free until further notice but it won't be for ever.


  • Multiple pages on the site
  • Unlimited news broadcasts.
  • Unlimited images.
  • Unlimited events.
  • Unlimited special offer or discount vouchers.
  • Upon registering to promote your business, We will require, details of your business, contact etc. so people can find you, some decent quality images and a good concise description of what you do and why people should use you.


Need more info - email us -  [email protected]



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