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About Bodrum

Bodrum, one of the most impressive and cosmopolitan resorts in the entire Mediterranean. Bodrum has it all, character, culture, beaches, nightlife, shopping and fantastic hospitality the Turks are famous for.

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Bodrum Aspat Bay

Up to the mountain by following a narrow mountain path. The ruins of an old castle and civilization are at the peak. When you go up the Hill you will

Bodrum Bardakcı Bay

This name perhaps remains from historic Salmakis fountain, who knows.. This name perhaps remains from the historic Salmakis fountain, who knows… Ac

Bodrum Kargi Bay (Camel Beach)

Kargı Bay (Camel Beach) is quite sheltered and has a sandy beach. Here is a haunt place for daily boat trip. Riding on a camel on the beach is a trad

Hevse Marina Water Pipe

Hevse Marina Water Pipe

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Aaron Boot
8 months ago
Aaron Boot
8 months ago
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9 months ago
Afternoon - gone for a swim
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