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Its been a while since we visited Marmaris and wow what a change. This resort is huge, almost city like in size, there is a buzz of activity everywhere you turn. Its a resort of contrast from the million dollar yachts and superb restaurants in the marina to 'football corner' where it seems many of the bars have originally been named after British football teams. Speaking of which if you want some cheap fake football shirts, watches, sunglasses, polo shirts, anything fake really then head to the bazaar in the centre of town where you be warmly welcomed into every shop in there - listen out for 'my friend, my friend' as you wander round.

Marmaris is now so big it almost runs into the nearby resort of Icmelor whilst its difficult to see where the border lies with the inland area of Amutalan. Let us know if you figure it out.



Great view of Marmaris
Marmaris castle
Barbarous - pirates of the Caribbean
Cheap footie shirts this way

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Amos Ancient City

No available opening hours.
Amos was one of the most importantant settlements of ancient Caria, located at Turunc in Marmaris. Many archaeological ruins are spreaded out on top o

Marmaris Castle and Museum

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The famous historian Herodotus lived in Bodrum in 490-425 B.C and was the first one to convey the information about Marmaris Castle. The famous histo

Yolo Water Sports

0800 - 1800
If you are looking for high octane fun on the water the stop by and see us at Yolo Watersports right on the sea front outside the Golden Rocks Hotel.

Kizkumu Beach

No available opening hours.
Orhaniye is a natural wonder in Marmaris. It is a pathway starting from the shore; its depth is 600 metres into the sea and its width at least 4 or 5

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