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King Tombs (Amynthas)

The tombs carved into the rocks which dated back to the 4th century BC at the centre of the city belonged to the Lycian period. There are 100 steps to climb to Amynthas. From here the views of Fethiye and the sea are spectacular. They were made for high status persons as the rocks were suitable for carving. The monuments remains from the 4th century BC from the Lycian period are worth a visit. These are the tombs that are a symbol of the city, carved out of natural rocks. Many of the most beautiful and impressive tombs of Amynthas can be reached by steps. You can easily see this tomb from the ground and whilst approaching it your admiration increases when you see the magnitude of the tomb. In the middle of the column on the left, was written ''herpamiasoğlu amintas” by the alphabet that belonged to the 4 century BC. This person's identity is not known exactly. Many sarcophagi of the Tomb are worth seeing. The most important ones belonged to the Lycian period. The two-story tomb with a rectangle on the front and Gothic style carvings resembling wooden beams are arched covered. Covers on both sides are adorned with frescoes depicting wars, they are assumed to be related to the person's life.

 Fethiye, Muğla, Türkiye

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