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Fethiye is a bustling city close to the resorts of Hisaronu and Olu Deniz. Here you can idle days away in the markets shopping for great bargains.

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Fethiye Castle

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Although the exact construction date is not known, it is thought that it was built the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century and is a kind of medieval

Araxa Antic City

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The inscription wrote that Araxa joined battle Bubon and Cibyra who captured many citizens in the 2nd century BC. Orthagoras was an ambassador sent to

Cadianda Antic City

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Four Lycian tombs are at the north entrance of the city that is surrounded by etched stones rampart at 600 meters high from the sea. The tombs are ass

King Tombs (Amynthas)

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The tombs carved into the rocks which dated back to the 4th century BC at the centre of the city belonged to the Lycian period. There are 100 steps to

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