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Bodrum, one of the most impressive and cosmopolitan resorts in the entire Mediterranean. Bodrum has it all, character, culture, beaches, nightlife, shopping and fantastic hospitality the Turks are famous for.

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Bodrum Castle

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Bodrum Castle is built on a rocky area between the two ports. In ancient times, it was an island, it is formed as a peninsula as it is connected to th

Bodrum Bardakcı Bay

24 HR
This name perhaps remains from historic Salmakis fountain, who knows.. This name perhaps remains from the historic Salmakis fountain, who knows… Ac

Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum

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A trip to the Underwater Archaeology Museum takes you back to the times of the hopes of the ancient sailors that were sunk on Anatolia’s coastlines

Bodrum Beaches with Blue Flag

24 HR
Many of the beaches in Bodrum have 'Blue Flag'. 51 beaches are awarded the Blue Flag based on the strict criteria determined by the independent non-pr

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