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Bodrum, one of the most impressive and cosmopolitan resorts in the entire Mediterranean. Bodrum has it all, character, culture, beaches, nightlife, shopping and fantastic hospitality the Turks are famous for.

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Bodrum Myndos Gate

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The most important place in the city walls of Halicarnassus is Myndos gate. This is one of the entrance gates into the city and was built around 360 B

Bodrum Ancient Theatre

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The theatre has three main parts in accordance with the traditions of ancient times. They are the Skene (stage building), Orchestra (half round) and t

Bodrum Aspat Bay

24 HR
Up to the mountain by following a narrow mountain path. The ruins of an old castle and civilization are at the peak. When you go up the Hill you will

Bodrum Ottoman Tower and Shipyard

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Whereas the early history of Bodrum covers pirates and tyrants and its recent history also covers sponge fishing and fishing. It becomes very popular

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