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Playa Blanca means White Beach, and is very true to it's name, when visiting Playa Blanca you must spend a day on  their amazing beaches as the crystal clear water and sandy beaches make this place the ideal spot for scuba diving, snorkeling and lots of other water sports. There are also lots of small markets and shops that are great to look around in, followed by a lovely meal in one of the many restaurants to choose from. If you want a relaxed and chilled out holiday then this is definitely a place to go!

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Pura Vida Diving

9:00-18:00 Monday to Saturday, 9:00- 14:00 Sunday
Pura Vida Diving is an eco-friendly diving school that helps you either experience scuba diving or teach you to free dive and learn the tricks! The di


No available opening hours.
L'Artista is the place to go if you're looking for an Italian menu, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere is a great place for couples or for families


No available opening hours.
Papagayo is a quiet and secluded beach that is the perfect place to sunbathe, relax and read. The beaches are full of golden sand that goes down into


09:30 - 23:00 Monday to Saturday, 18:30 - 23:00 Sunday
Ninen is a small friendly restaurant with an Italian themed menu, the small restaurant is sat by the sea and offers the most magnificent views across

No events to show for this month.

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Fraser Howells
11 months ago
Hi Nicole, yea I had a really good time thanks! I definitely recommend the Aqualava water park, So much fun!!!! And the Papagayo beach, it's a little bit further out but it's quite private at the right times :)
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Nicole Flemming
11 months ago
Thinking of going, any recommendations?
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Fraser Howells
01 year ago
October is going to be great out there! Playa Blanca here I come
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