• Le Perce Neige

    Local's choice

  • Outside the bar
  • Sheepskins are really comfy
  • More sheepskin seats
  • Blow Torching the Sambucas - ouch
  • Watch your lips and hold the glass at the bottom
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Michelle your host

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La Perce Neige

A great little bar in the town centre run by the charismatic Michelle. By day and evening they make great home made pizzas delivered or to take away. By evening Michelle takes charge of the bar and you will have a fantastic night here - he's a really good guy.


 Office du Tourisme Valmorel, 25 Bourg Morel, 73260 Les Avanchers-Valmorel, France

Contact info

Phone: +33 79099006

E-mail: [email protected]

Latest Reviews

Paul Stanyer
Paul Stanyer
04 April 2014, 11:08
Hey Michelle, thanks for looking after us so well, you are a top host my friend - First time I've ever seen a man torch the sambas with a blow torch - great fun