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About Sunny Beach

Not heard of Sunny Beach? - Where've you been - rapidly turning into one of Europe's party hotspots, Sunny Beach is just full of mad, party party party people.

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Den Glade Viking

Den Glade Viking, also known as The Happy Viking, is the biggest and best disco in Sunny Beach. Placed in the center of Sunny Beach, the well known cl

Jameson's Shop

For wine lovers and enthusiast. Come and taste the essence of class in their store as they offer you a wide variety of liquors. From sparkling champag

Beach Bar Mania

Open day and night, this is the perfect place to kick off your session as the sun goes down - or to watch the sun come up in the morning. Beach bar Ma

Room 2 Nightclub

Room2 Featured on Channel4's hit mini-series "What Happens in Sunny Beach". It’s known as the original ALL NIGHT FREE BAR Located in the centre of S

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Sunny Beach